Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Football, Beer and Men...Three Of My Favorite Things

Grinch drinking beer
I am a huge football fan.

Be it college or pro, it is nothing for me to put on my favorite team jersey, a sexy pair of nicely fitted jeans and head out to my local sports pub. I love to go solo. My usual practice is to sit at the bar... you never know who might want to sit next to you, and it's always a good thing to get to know the person who pours your beers. It's an effortless way to give a guy an opening and strike up conversation. If you really know your football, you'll be able to encourage conversation with other men too... that way, if you don't like the guy sitting next to you, there's always the guy next to him, or a few seats down!

Interestingly enough, Stella's an avid football fan as well, so it didn't take much to convince her that we needed to watch a few games and have a few beers. Luckily for me, she's avid beer fan too!   Luck must have been with us that evening, because the only two open seats at the bar just happened to be next to two very handsome and well educated men, perhaps in their thirties. What started out as light hearted, game related tête-à-tête, somehow turned into two hours of thought-provoking, but very opinionated examination on WOMEN'S DATING STRATEGIES, from a man's point of view. Don't ask me who won our game that night... but hearing what these gentlemen had to say made this a very beneficial evening for both Stella as well as myself.  They were able to not only reiterate some of the benefits of venturing outside the box, but they reinforced and encouraged advice that I had been giving to my girlfriend all along.

First...Go Alone.  Men will find you much more approachable if you are not surrounded by an entourage. Besides, they are also far less likely to be embarrassed, should you shoot them down.

Look Beyond Your "TYPE." Just because the guy may not be six feet tall, or perhaps a bit thicker than you might prefer, doesn't mean that he doesn't have something to bring to your table.  Sometimes a great personality or some old fashioned chivalry, can beat out a good-looking jock with no sense of humor.

Date Younger Men.  If you are just out of a serious or long term relationship, dating younger men is a good way to have fun.  Like you, they just wanna have fun too, and I am often told that they find older women more interesting than women their own age. Who am I to argue with that one?

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff.  Typically, most men are not very detailed.  They could care less if your purple nail polish doesn't go well with you brown eyeshadow. Who cares if you should have worn the red belt instead of the black one. They will characteristically look at the entire package and decide if they like it or not.  Just make sure that your package looks great.

Smile.  A great smile is worth a thousand words.  Try making eye contact with the guy in the grocery store and give him a little smile when when your eyes meet.  A smile is a way in, and if he's interested, he will follow you over to the next isle.   If he doesn't... Its probably a good bet that he's in a committed relationship (or gay), but at the very least, you've probably made his day.

Lastly...Just Have Fun!  Don't take yourself so seriously.  A guy will always be attracted to a light- hearted, carefree women that looks like she knows how to have fun.  Practice makes perfect so give it a try...You just never know where it might lead!


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