Monday, March 12, 2012

35 Places to Help You Discover Where the Men Are

“I would love to date more than one man at a time… but I can’t even find one, much less date more than one!”

I hear this a lot.  It frustrates me to no end when I hear these words, because it doesn’t take much to figure out that men are EVERYWHERE!  I don’t think the question is…”Where are the men?” as much as the question should…”What can I do to get their attention?!” 

I bring up the point because I’m not convinced that a special effort needs to be made in order to meet men on your own turf.  Don’t believe me?  Look around you… men are in our grocery stores, gyms and work places.  They are in our banks, our dry cleaners and even our eateries.  They shop in our malls, they purchase gasoline from the same gas stations, and even get mani’s and pedi’s from the same nail shops… and often not all gay! Go figure!  So exactly how is it that we’ve missed the boat?

Perhaps it is not the result of what we see or where we go as much as it is the questions we ask?  It is my belief that the importance lies in how to get their attention, no matter where they may be.  But because I have been inundated with where they men are… I think we’ll save the topic of how to address them for a later date.  So, you wanna know the best places to find men…???

I mentioned this earlier… they really are everywhere!  Are you looking?  Try a casual perusal around the next time you walk to your car in the Target or Wal-Mart parking lot. I wouldn’t lie to you, they really are there! 

Have you checked out the free weight area of you local gym? OMG! They are all there! Short ones, tall ones, bulky ones, cute ones and everything in between.  At my gym, they always gravitate here, and some are even on mission while others try to make it a meat market. But don’t fret… working out after 5 pm brings out all kinds so the sky is the limit!

What guy do you know doesn’t have a liking for a gadget of some sort? Have you paid a visit to your local Apple store lately? Best Buy? So maybe your budget can’t accommodate a new TV, Blu-Ray player or hard drive.  But there’s nothing wrong with window shopping until such time as the need arises.  And the best part is… you don’t even need to know what you’re looking for. Just grab the best looking male that catches your attention and ask the question.  He doesn’t even need to be a salesperson for you to be provided with an answer…who says it even needs to be the right answer?

I suggest this one judiciously, because this one can really bite you in the buttocks if you are not careful!  Ladies, find a sport that you have a GENUINE interest in, and please do a bit of research before visiting the sports bar or venue of your choice.  Knowing something about what you came to see can really be the difference between a sincere connection, and a guy’s exposure to your true authenticity.  Don’t believe me?  Try walking into a sports bar with heels and a tube top versus the jersey of your favorite team and see how you are treated!  It may not be pretty… so just a warning! The only place that may grant you a break could be a tailgate event, but even then, if you aren’t a die hard fan, you’ve been forewarned!

Whether your in the market for a new vehicle or not, this is one place that brings out men of all kinds.  Maybe you missed this years event… keep an eye out for the next Boat Show, RV/ Camping / Hunting Expo, or Gun Show.  Maybe that’s not your thing… but maybe you're the outdoorsy rock climbing, kayaking or motorcycles.  I promise you, there is an app for that. 

I gotta say, of all of the place that I frequent, this has to be one of my favs!  It’s not that I love an opportunity to pimp out my dog… but if I can find a guy who loves his dog as much as I do, then we could have a winner on my hands.  How easy is it to meet at the local dog park for your first date? But a word of caution, DO NOT make the first date a picnic at the dog park!  Can you say disaster?

While we are on the subject of sports, lets not forget the sporting good stores that supply the needs of the hobbies we frequent.  And while I understand that they may be regional… Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, REI, Academy, Bass Pro Shop and Cabella’s are just a few of the ones that provide a wide selection of equipment.  Don’t forget about the smaller local suppliers and specialty shops (IE: bike  or skateboard shop) that can bring out experts of all kinds. While we are at it, does your employer sponsor a golf tournament or a baseball league? This just may be an opportunity for you to have a little lit of fun while creating an opening for yourself.

Not into sports?  Consider the coffee shops near your city’s financial center.  Another decent suggestion?  If you’re a traveler, why not try your airport? I’m sure you’ll find a bit more than the local janitor or the guy behind the news counter, although I have seen a few hot janitors during my travels as well.  Need more suggestions, what about your industry business conference? Although, just a word of caution, you might end up finding more married men on the prowl than single one’s looking for relationships.  Got a hobby? Try It is a great resource for finding like- minded people. Lastly, wanna give your home that much needed face-lift?  Try the local home improvement store such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.  From the plumbing aisle, to lumber, flooring and every place in between you’ll have access to everyone from the contractors that use those supplies to the do it yourself kind of guy.  And last but not least, if all else fails, online dating sites are definitely viable options with a decent selection of like minded men who may just want the same things you do. Tired of or not wanting to complete the complicated questionnaire of E-Harmony? Newer sites such OkCupid, POF, Zoosk and may just provide a whole new gene pool of fresh meat to choose from.

Well, there you go!  Now go out there and get to work!