Thursday, May 3, 2012

Movin' and Shakin'... Keepin' Y'all in the Loop

The past few weeks have certainly been a whirlwind... and for that I am truly grateful!  Ever since the book launch celebration held on February 28th, 2012, WHY SHOULD MEN HAVE ALL THE FUN?! has been rippin' and runnin' all over the southern and eastern coast.

The first stop was a signing held on March 3rd at The Cup in Atlanta, Georgia.  A fun event involving gourmet cupcakes, desert wine, port and a very interesting conversation with a book club who happened to be there to discuss another book they had read.  Curiosity led them to not only ask questions about WHY SHOULD MEN HAVE ALL THE FUN?!,  but we also exchanged witty repertoire regarding the position of women and their ability (or lack thereof) to date multiple people at the same time.  What made the dialog so engaging were varied opinions shared by both young men and women within this book club.  It was a fabulous time, and kudos to the book club for their interest as well as all of those who attended this special debut event.

Next stop, Houston Texas.  April 14th, 2012 was the day of the 5th Annual Houston Indie Book Fest.  Authors, publishers and lovers of indie books all converged upon Menil Park to participate in this fabulous event that pulled in a huge crowd. I think it's probably safe to say that the perfect, sunny 80 degree weather may have had a little bit to do with attracting book lovers to this fabulous outdoor event.

In between book signings and festivals was the tremendous opportunity to be interviewed by radio hosts, Ms. K, The Diva and Deacon Boss on the popular radio show, TALKIN' DA BIZ.  Although the conversation was mainly focused on WHY SHOULD MEN HAVE ALL THE FUN?!,  the premise and thought process behind the books purpose was widely discussed. I can't speak for the show's host, but I can honestly say that I had an amusing time.  Feel free to click on the underlined link to hear our discussion. Heartfelt thanks goes out to Ms. K for the invitation, as well as The Diva and Deacon Boss for the compelling and enjoyable conversation.

The latest signing, on the Rutgers University Campus in Newark, NJ was held on April 28th. The 1st Annual Harlem Book Festival was in full effect as it began at 10am to a "brisk" 45 degree morning.  It was thrilling to be back in the area where I grew up, for the first time in almost seven years.  The fact that I left 80 degree weather in Atlanta, was by no means a deterrent, but honestly speaking, my poor fingers were so frozen that there was no way to hold a pen... much less sign books.  Saving the day was the quick-thinking of my beautiful and brilliant niece, La Sha, who rescued my fingers simply by remembering she had hand warmers in the trunk of her car. Those hand warmers ended up being a life saver, since the high for the day ended up being a warm 58 degrees.  Yet still another highlight early on in the day was prompted by a young male psychology major who was genuinely interested in the thought process behind the book.  A very progressive and independent thinker whose opinions were not just encouraging to me, but uniquely obliging to the women he befriends. He also happened to be my first sale of the day.  Kudos to you, Dominic!  I sincerely thank you for your support!

This road isn't over. Not by a long shot. There is certainly more to do, much more work to be done.  This is just the beginning! I've been asked to do more radio interviews, and working currently to get this book into local indie bookstores in Atlanta and Austin. The marketing charge is also in full effect. It hasn't been an easy road, but it goes to show that if you only believe, with prayer, hard work, and the faith of a mustard seed,  you can be successful at anything you set your mind to.

“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Here's to the pursuit of dreams and happiness.  For more on photos, updates, and reviews go to

WHY SHOULD MEN HAVE ALL THE FUN?! is currently available on, in both paperback and e-reader versions. Fingers crossed, it should also be coming soon to an indie book store near you!

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